Brian Windhorst is fed up with NBA community overhyping Paul George’s immediate impact

Paul George
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The Philadelphia 76ers signed Paul George to the third maximum-level contract of his career, with a four-year, $211 million deal. Sixers POBO Daryl Morey did so with the hope that PG-13 can turn an already good team into one that’s ready to contend for an NBA Championship.

Yet, several other teams have acquired the nine-time All-Star, hoping to pursue a Larry O’Brien Trophy, too, and it hasn’t worked out. This happened in Oklahoma City and Los Angeles, and now the 76ers are setting themselves up for disappointment, too.

At least that’s what ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst said on First Take.

“This is now the fourth time in about seven years that Paul George has been a headliner of an offseason move. The previous three have led to what? I’m not sure, I certainly recognize that the 76ers are a formidable team. I think they’re gonna need a year. Historically, we see teams when they hollow out their roster to create a Big 3, they always need more time to back-fill that roster, and I’m going to give the Sixers that time. I’m tired of sitting here in the first week of July and declaring Paul George’s arrival changes everything. I believed that with the Clippers. But I’m going to wait back a little bit before I assume this fit will mean the changing of the guard.”

Brian Windhorst on Paul George’s impact

Paul George has earned All-NBA honors six times and four All-Defensive honors. His stats show what makes him one of the best two-way players in the NBA.

George has battled several injuries; he’s played more than 56 games just once in the past five seasons. Despite reaching the Conference Finals three times, George has yet to reach the final stage. Windhorst doesn’t expect that to change this year either.

But that doesn’t mean Windhorst doesn’t believe the 76ers can’t assemble a stronger roster around George in the long run. He just doesn’t see it happening this season.

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