Brady Hoke’s Incompetence Reaches a New Level

The incompetence of Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke may have taken the next step on Saturday. And in the process, it might cost Hoke his job with the Wolverines.

This story is less about Michigan’s embarrassing home loss to Minnesota on Saturday and more about his actions on the sideline during the loss.

As you can see in the video above, Hoke and Michigan’s coaching staff kept quarterback Shane Morris in the game following a blow to the head. And following a string of events that showed the signal caller unable to walk without appearing concussed.

Morris would leave the game after one play only to return later in a game that Michigan stood no chance of winning.

Following the game, Hoke really didn’t do a good job covering his tracks and making excuses for keeping his quarterback in the game (via h/t SB Nation).

What an absolute travesty, and the entire Michigan football program should be embarrassed of its head coach right now. The quote that Hoke provided either shows undeniable incompetence or willful ignorance. Either way, he should be out of a job.

One of the primary jobs of a college football head coach is to help his players grow and mature on and off the field. It’s also to protect them from injury, as the players themselves will not go out of the game willingly and without the staff forcing them to.