49ers Players Come out in Support of Jim Harbaugh

It’s probably not all too suprising that multiple San Francisco 49ers players have come out in support head coach Jim Harbaugh. It was reported by NFL Media’s Deion Sanders on Sunday night that some within the 49ers locker room want Harbaugh out. ESPN’s Trent Dilfer also called the environment under Harbaugh in San Francisco “toxic.”

On Monday, veteran Alex Boone came out in support of Harbaugh, who has seen nearly unmatched regular season success in his three-plus years as the 49ers head coach.

Boone, who was a hold out during training camp, had this to say about his head coach (via Mercury News).

I know for a fact everybody loves Harbaugh,” Boone said on 95.7’s “The Damon Bruce Show.” “He’s a great guy, a great coach.

And now, higher-profile 49ers players have chimed in publicly. Future Hall of Famer Patrick Willis reiterated Boone’s stance on the team’s head coach.

Willis is about as passionate as any player in the league, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that he’s showing public support for an equally passionate head coach.

Michael Crabtree expanded on Willis’ thoughts.

Now this is a little more interesting. Crabtree has a relationship with Sanders off the field and has since his days at Texas Tech. Publicly calling out Sanders in Twitter was an odd move for Crabtree, who has relied on the Hall of Fame defensive back for advice since joining the league.

In any event, we are unlikely to ever fully understand where Sanders’ report came from and whether there is any truth to it. The denial from those within the 49ers organization, players included, pretty much guarantees that.

Photo: USA Today