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Lamar Jackson posts ‘I need $’ as his profile pic on social media

Andrew Buller-Russ

The Baltimore Ravens have been working to get Lamar Jackson signed to a long-term contract extension for months now, citing their frustration with contract talks thus far. It likely was their top priority heading into the offseason, but as the team brass noted, Jackson wasn’t ready to negotiate. That appears to have changed, based on Jackson’s latest actions on social media.

Recently, Jackson changed his profile picture on both Twitter and Instagram to a photo displaying the words ‘I Need $’, which seems to be a clear indicator that the Ravens aren’t meeting his asking price. Not that anyone’s probably too curious, but the picture originates from the 2001 film How High, which stars Method Mad and Redman. Clearly the image had a lasting effect on Jackson and he’s now using it to share his message to the public.

Are the Baltimore Ravens being stingy with Lamar Jackson?

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On the surface, now Jackson appears willing to negotiate his next contract, but as mentioned, the Ravens may not be ready to pay him a record-breaking amount. There’s been no indication of just how much Jackson is looking for on his next contract, but let’s be real, it’s going to top every other contract in the NFL.

So there you have the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL. There’s no doubt Jackson is aiming to best some of, if not all of these numbers on his next contract. Right now he’s set to make $23 million in 2022, which is a huge increase over the $1.7 million he made last season. And an even larger jump over the $1 million he made in 2019 during his MVP year.

Jackson is a game-changing quarterback who won an MVP in his first full season as a starter. Still just 25 years old, Jackson likely has at least 10 more years of elite play in him. The entire Ravens offense revolves around him, more so than other players at his position, thanks to Jackson being their top offensive weapon.

Basically, whatever he’s demanding, the Ravens shouldn’t balk at handing him a blank check. Jackson has noted how he wants to be a Raven for life, and the organization clearly wants the same.

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If the Ravens were to be up for sale, he’d be a large reason for driving the asking price up, meaning he clearly improves the franchise’s value. It shouldn’t matter how much he’s getting paid, even if that includes a small equity in the team. While the Ravens have a strong history, he’s the reason the Ravens are who they are right now. Look at the lengths the Browns have gone to, just for a similarly talented franchise QB.

From Jackson’s perspective, he has no reason to rush his next contract. Like many others before him, he’s willing to bet on himself, just as he’s always done. Like when there were doubts about his ability to even play quarterback in the NFL, he’s proceeded to become invaluable, possibly so much so that his own team can’t understand what his price tag should be.

Jackson believes he can lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory. Of course the team wants to lock him in before his value goes even higher, this is likely why there’s such an urgency on their side as well.

Meanwhile, Jackson can continue to wait, possibly even play the franchise tag game which guarantees him a raise, while being compensated among the highest-paid at his position. There’s no need to rush this one.

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