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A Guide to Hulu + Live TV with Sports in 2022

hulu live sports

When you sign up for Hulu + Live TV, you get a full viewing experience — 75+ channels and all of the sports games you could possibly want — that’s competitive with cable TV. Why choose a streaming service over cable TV you may ask? With a streaming service subscription, you can avoid the lack of channels and high cost of the traditional cable method.

To become a Hulu subscriber, you can sign up through the official Hulu website by choosing your favorite plan (starting at $69.99 per month). The base plan includes the Hulu sports add-on, and is best for families looking for a full-scale, “front-row” viewing experience with access to all of the best sports networks. Looking to upgrade your Hulu subscription? Read on to learn everything you need to know about adding unparalleled sports perks to your subscription so you can take your game days to the next level.

What is Hulu + Live TV?

Hulu + Live TV is one of the plans offered through Hulu that will connect you to the streaming service’s extensive library of originals, as well as local channels and hit shows and movies. You’ll get access to over 75 channels with recording capabilities for all of your favorites.

You’ll also be able to access ESPN Plus, giving you unlimited access to all of the top sports channels, commentaries, and games. However, certain local sports may only be available depending on your region. Questions about availability in your area? Connect with Hulu to learn if you have a regionally-supported device.

If you’re looking for live sports and traditional cable options in a single streaming service, Hulu is the platform of choice for you. The service is quickly establishing itself as the “hub” of all services, tying in new, inclusive platforms into its package deals like ESPN Plus and Disney Plus. The best part? You can personalize the plan to meet your needs. Add multiple mobile devices or cancel at any time if you aren’t satisfied.

What sports content does Hulu + Live TV offer?

hulu sports

Hulu offers basketball, golf, and all of your NCAA favorites in 2022. In fact, thanks to the new ESPN Plus add-on, you can watch all of the top moments from the best sports games. The package offers 75+ live and on-demand channels for you to enjoy, hosting games from all of the major leagues and groups. You can catch golf events or live stream NBA games through TNT and other prime channels. You can also stream college sports, fight nights, and thousands of live league events, such as NFL, MLB, or NBA

With Hulu + Live TV, there’s no complicated setup. All you have to do is enter your information and payment details and follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe to the package and enjoy ESPN Plus and Disney Plus at no extra cost. With this live TV subscription, you can enjoy your favorite sports networks and exclusive channels, such as TNT and CNBC.

With this plan, you’ll also unlock access to unlimited DVR recording space as of March 2022. That’s right — users were previously limited to just 50 hours of live recording space. Hulu + Live TV also allows you to stream on any supported device anytime, anywhere. 

How much is Hulu Live TV with sports?

Hulu’s sports plan costs a flat fee of $69.99 per month, and includes Disney Plus and ESPN Plus at no extra cost. You’ll get to explore 75+ different live channels, as well as Hulu’s library of award-winning originals. You’ll also unlock unlimited cloud DVR storage and playback, multi-screen viewing capabilities, and thousands of channels, shows, sports games, and more. 

Hulu + Live TV (without ads) includes the same perks as the base plan at an additional $5 per month, coming to $75.99 per month. Whether you decide to subscribe to the ad or ad-free plan, both are a cost-effective alternative to cable.

Hulu + Live TV with sports compared

As mentioned above, when you choose to get your sports content through Hulu + Live TV, you’ll be able to enjoy 75+ live TV channels, as well as unlock the entire Hulu streaming library at a fraction of the cost of cable. While a traditional ESPN Plus membership is only $6.99 per month, Hulu + Live TV includes ESPN Plus and Disney Plus, among tons of other unique features, for $69.99 per month. With this bundle deal, you’ll save money compared to if you were to purchase Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus separately. 

PlanCost Per MonthChannelsUnique Features
Hulu + Live TV with Sports$69.9975+ live TV channels Full access to the Disney Plus streaming library, Unlimited Cloud DVR storage, Full access to the Hulu Originals library
ESPN Plus$6.99 30+ Live games from all of your major leagues (excluding MLB and NFL), In-depth commentaries and replays, ESPN Originals and abridged NFL Primetime

How to subscribe to Hulu + Live TV?


The platform offers an easy-to-use sign up experience that connects you to your favorite shows in just a few clicks. Simply visit the Hulu website, and follow the payment and account creation prompts. Once you’ve filled out your information, the platform will walk you through the features of your new subscription. After signing up on a single device, you can stream on any second screen in your home, as long as the Hulu app is downloaded to it. Keep in mind that your credit card will automatically be charged each month until you cancel your subscription.

Is Hulu + Live TV with sports worth it?

Getting high-quality sports content through Hulu + Live TV is worth the cost, especially since the platform has expanded to include ESPN Plus and Disney Plus, too. You’ll have access to thousands of shows, movies, and live games, making it a great choice for sports fans looking for a subscription that suits the needs of the entire family. Hulu + Live TV offers variety in your viewing experience with full access to all of your favorite games, commentaries, and sports shows. 


Does Hulu + Live TV have sports?

Yes, Hulu streams games from top local, regional, and national sports, as well as the major leagues. As of March 2022, the offer expanded to include ESPN Plus, unlocking even more sports content. 

Does Hulu have NBA?

Yes, you can watch NBA games through Hulu’s live TV channels, such as ABC, ESPN, and TNT.

Does Hulu have NFL?

Yes, thanks to a recent addition in 2021, all Hulu + Live TV subscribers are able to watch NFL games through the streaming service.

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