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Washington Commanders open to trading nearly anyone for top QB, including Chase Young

We’ve officially entered the phase where NFL teams are formulating their offseason plans in an effort to improve upon last year’s effort. For the Washington Commanders’ front office, finding a quarterback who can help elevate them to the playoffs is expected to be general manager Martin Mayhew’s top priority.

Since head coach Ron Rivera signed on in 2020, he has managed to post two consecutive seven-win seasons in Washington despite having subpar quarterback play.

While their quarterbacks haven’t been horrible, they haven’t done anything special. Yet considering Washington has remained on the cusp of the playoffs, even reaching the Wild Card in 2020, it’s hard not to imagine how much further they could go with even an above-average quarterback under center.

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Washington Commanders have the assets to land top QB

The idea of the Washington Commanders wanting to bring in an elite quarterback isn’t a new development. They’ve known it to be an issue for several seasons, but they have yet to do much to actually address the position other than buying low on players such as Taylor Heinicke or Kyle Allen.

Of course, the injuries to both Alex Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn’t be predicted, but they were never long-term solutions to begin with.

Rivera didn’t have the patience to wait for any possible growth from Dwayne Haskins, giving up on him six starts into his second NFL season after being the 15th pick a season ago. That experience could lead to the Commanders being gunshy in the 2022 NFL Draft as well, despite holding the 11th pick.

Of course, life always finds a way, for Washington that could mean getting boldly involved into the trade market.

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Washington Commanders ready to go all-in on QB trade

The Commanders appear prepared to do just that this offseason. According to Ben Standig of The Athletic, the organization is willing to include “almost anyone” in a trade for a franchise quarterback. Including stud defensive end Chase Young, who was the No. 2 selection from the 2020 NFL Draft.

Standig specifically mentions Young potentially being able to get the Commanders at the negotiation table in a trade for Aaron Rodgers or Seattle’s Russell Wilson, but so far both appear to be ten toes in to their current situations. This could change if the right offer entices the Seahawks perhaps, but the Packers are unlikely to be moved by any trade package for their MVP.

That doesn’t mean other quarterbacks won’t become available, or that the Commanders won’t part with a player who isn’t such an integral piece of their young core in an effort to moderately improve the QB situation without parting with too much of their trade capital.

Either way, expect the Washington Commanders to leave no stone unturned in their effort to bring a legit quarterback to town.

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