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Sean McVay could reportedly make $15-plus million per season in TV gig

Sean McVay
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay is expected to be back on the sidelines in 2022, coaching his team to try and win another Super Bowl. However, TV executives might try and change his mind with a staggering contract offer.

NFL TV ratings exploded in 2021, with advertisers flocking towards the golden ticket of television entertainment. It’s resulted in Fox, CBS, Disney and NBC agreeing to pay the NFL $100-plus billion over the next decade for the rights to broadcast games. Meanwhile, Amazon is happily prepared to pay $1 billion per season for the broadcasting rights to Thursday Night Football.

As the TV revenue skyrockets, play-by-play commentators and color analysts are making more than ever. Tony Romo is the highest-paid TV analyst in sports ($17.5 million) and free-agent broadcaster Al Michaels could sign a contract worth $11 million per season.

The figures are noticed around the NFL, especially by head coaches. McVay turned down past inquiries from ESPN, but is reportedly receptive to a future in broadcasting. For now, per his fiancee, the Rams’ coach will be on the sidelines in 2022. However, the potential offers he could receive to join the broadcast booth might be tempting.

According to Peter King of NBC Sports, ESPN or Amazon could be very than willing to offer a deal worth more than $15 million per season. Even without experience on television, outside of interviews, many of the NFL’s broadcasting partners want McVay’s personality and mind in the booth.

  • Sean McVay record: 55-26, 7-3 in playoffs

A contract worth $15-plus million per season is a lot more than McVay makes right now. If the Rams want to keep him, a contract extension might need to start at $16 million per season. Considering there isn’t a cap on coaches’ salaries and it doesn’t impact their ability to spend on players, McVay could likely ask for $20 million and get it.