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Robby Anderson has zero interest in Baker Mayfield joining Carolina Panthers

Andrew Buller-Russ

Is there anyone interested in Baker Mayfield at this point? Just four seasons ago, the Cleveland Browns picked the quarterback No. 1 overall, and now after a few inconsistent, up-and-down performances, no one is willing to take on his fully-guaranteed 2022 salary of $18.8 million.

Count Carolina Panthers wide receiver Robby Anderson as one who has no desire to catch passes from Mayfield next year or any time soon.

It all went down on social media Friday when @panthers.way shared an Ian Rapoport report which stated the Panthers were the most likely landing spot for Mayfield. This got a response out of Anderson, who responded with “Nooooo“.

What a refreshing take. While Anderson didn’t bother to elaborate on why he wasn’t interested in being Mayfield’s teammate in 2022, he seems pretty serious.

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Who does Robby Anderson want as the starting QB?

It could be that Anderson still backs Sam Darnold as his QB1, they have played three seasons together, two in New York and last year in Carolina. Maybe Anderson is more interested in a rookie quarterback? Chances are he’s sticking with Darnold at this point, and maybe the Panthers are too.

If that’s the case, look for an offensive tackle to be the pick at No. 6, or a trade down as they try to add more picks.

It’s a bit sad it’s come to this for Mayfield. Think, just a few months ago, he was seen as a starting quarterback for a potential playoff team. Now? He can’t even find a starting gig for a rebuilding roster. Instead, Mayfield might have to take the Mitch Trubisky route, sitting for a year as a backup while he gets another chance at a true open market at the start of the 2023 offseason.

It’s been a wild ride so far, but we should find out soon enough where Mayfield will be able to call home, at least temporarily.

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