Dallas Cowboys ‘fully expect’ QB Dak Prescott ready for Week 1 despite unique injury

The Dallas Cowboys signed quarterback Dak Prescott to a lucrative contract this offseason counting on him staying healthy and leading this team to the playoffs in 2021. Despite the recent scare and fears from a team legend, Dallas doesn’t seem too worried about Prescott not seeing the field in Week 1.

Prescott was recently sidelined in practice by a shoulder injury, which the team described as minor. But after last season’s gruesome season-ending compound fracture and the fallout it had on the 2020 season, many became concerned about how any absence might impact the Cowboys this fall.

Dallas kept its starting quarterback sidelined for the Hall of Fame Game, a 16-3 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and recent speculation elevated the level of concern among fans. Fortunately, per NFL insider Jay Glazer, it doesn’t seem like the Cowboys are worried.

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“They fully expect him to start Week 1. However, the injury is actually a different injury than most football players get. It’s more of a baseball injury, it’s kinda under the armpit. The Dallas Cowboys training staff actually reached out to the Texas Rangers training staff just for a little bit more help from them. But they fully expect him to be ready for Week 1.”

FOX Sports’s Jay Glazer with latest on Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott injury

Cowboys taking right approach with Dak Prescott

While it’s possible the Cowboys are downplaying the injury, which Troy Aikman suggested, that wouldn’t be a wise approach for the organization. Jerry Jones invested $160 million in Prescott and risking his long-term availability in a 17-game season and for the life of the contract by rushing him back would be foolish.

Keep in mind, head coach Mike McCarthy already said Dallas is being conservative with Prescott’s return timetable and there is a thorough process to prevent this injury from becoming a season-long problem.

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It’s a testament to the process, especially given the nature of the injury, that the Cowboys’ medical staff is working with the Texas Rangers. Every piece of information and expertise is valuable, so the Cowboys are going to factor everything into their decision and approach.

Ultimately, it would be a surprise if Prescott isn’t on the field when the Cowboys kick off their regular season. Prescott might not be at the healthiest point of his career, but he’ll be more than ready to lead this offense. Considering Dallas already planned to be more balanced this season, he would be throwing less than before even without the injury.