Cam Newton reportedly still drawing zero interest from NFL teams

Former New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton opened up about his stunning release and the factors that may have played into his decision. More than a week after being cut, the NFL MVP remains unsigned and he might be waiting a while.

New England shocked the NFL world by releasing Newton opting to settle for Brian Hoyer as the backup to Mac Jones. While releasing a former All-Pro quarterback came as a surprise, Bill Belichick’s decision seemed to be influenced by the dynamics of the Patriots’ locker room.

The 32-year-old quarterback proved in the preseason that he can still play at a staring-caliber level and he wants to suit up once more. But, according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, no team has given any serious consideration to signing Newton as a backup

It seems many around the league share some of the sentiments in New England. Newton is beloved in the locker room, trusted as a leader by teammates and he brings the charisma that starting quarterbacks have. But it’s those very traits that seem to make him less appealing as a backup.

That might be a problem for teams like the New York Giants, Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins. In the case of New York and Miami, Newton could immediately win over the locker room and it might result in players pushing for him to become the starter.

If that happened, it would put added pressure on young quarterbacks Daniel Jones and Tua Tagovailoa. As for the Broncos, signing Newton would mean Drew Lock becomes the third-string quarterback.

Vaccination status also plays a role in any roster decision. Teams don’t want to bring an unvaccinated player into their quarterback room who would put the starter at an increased risk of exposure.

Ultimately. Newton might be waiting several weeks before a team comes forward. But if a starting quarterback suffers a significant injury, Newton is the best quarterback in free agency. So, while it will take patience, things could still work out nicely for the former NFL star.