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WATCH: Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield throws Hail Mary to burn Arizona Cardinals

Vincent Frank

Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns were not having a good go at it against the Arizona Cardinals in the first half of Sunday’s game.

Star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. went down with a shoulder injury. Meanwhile, Arizona opened up a 20-0 lead in Cleveland.

In what was supposed to be a statement game for Mayfield and his Browns against the undefeated Cardinals, things were not going swimmingly.

That’s until one pass from the former No. 1 pick to end the first half changed the dynamics of the game big time. Down 23-7 late in the second quarter, Baker Mayfield lobbed up a Hail Mary in the direction of wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones. The result was absolute mayhem at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Every time we see a successful Hail Mary like this, we’re left wondering what the defense was actually thinking. This is magnified given that Arizona has one of the best units in the NFL. Just go up there and bat the ball down and call it a day. Apparently, the Cards’ defense missed that day in class.

As for Mayfield and the Browns, they were able to turn a 20-0 deficit into a 23-14 game to end the second quarter.