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Miami Dolphins HC Brian Flores on hot seat, reportedly struggling to connect with players

Brian Flores, Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins entered the 2021 season viewed as a potential contender with Brian Flores a candidate for Coach of the Year. Entering Week 7 on a five-game losing streak, Flores could now be on the hot seat in Miami.

Things started on a positive note with a Week 1 victory over the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium, but everything has spiraled out of control since then. Miami’s defense, ranked as one of the best in the NFL before the season is regressing and injuries have prevented any hope for consistency on offense.

After losing in London, with the Jacksonville Jaguars winning their first game of the season and Flores outcoaching Meyer, things are getting bad in Miami.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, tension is ramping up inside the Dolphins’ facility as Flores’ relationships with players are reportedly getting worse by the week.

“There is a really negative vibe down there right now. A lot of players do not trust (Flores). Flo thinks he is a player’s coach, with an open-door policy, but I know a number of players who would tell you they don’t really think he is approachable enough, or flexible.”

NFL source on issues between players, Miami Dolphins HC Brian Flores, via CBS Sports

La Canfora cites a locker room backlash that occurred during the 2020 season, when Ryan Fitzpatrick lost the starting job suddenly and Flores later kept using a quick hook on Tua Tagovailoa. Players were also not pleased with the organization’s decision not to schedule the bye after the London trip.

Another issue with the Dolphins, a decision made by Flores, is the lack of structure on the offensive coaching staff. Instead of having one offensive coordinator who is responsible for play-calling duties, Miami has two offensive coordinators on its staff and play-calling is done by multiple coaches throughout the game.

Amid circulating Deshaun Watson trade rumors, Flores came forward this week and stated that Tagovailoa is the Dolphins’ quarterback. But, per CBS Sports, some close to the second-year quarterback believe the coaching staff has never fully embraced him and the offensive support in Miami is limiting his chances of being successful.

Miami signed Flores to a five-year contract in 2019, confident he could become a great head coach after years working with Bill Belichick. If things don’t turn around, the Dolphins could be looking for their next coach in 2022.