Mark Schlereth rips “number nerds” in talking about Aaron Rodgers’ MVP case

Andrew Buller-Russ

Although some members of the media don’t believe Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers deserves to win MVP, others aren’t as biased by personal feelings. Like Fox Sports’ Mark Schlereth who made a point to hop on Twitter and respond to who he calls “number nerds” that also suggest Rodgers isn’t deserving of his fourth NFL MVP award.

In the video, Schlereth says he got into a Twitter scuffle. This seems to have gotten him miffed. So much so, that he just had to respond in public form.

The number nerds (we’re rolling with it because it’s fun) suggested Rodgers shouldn’t win because he has five games this season with fewer than 100 air yards. To which, Schlereth, a three-time Super Bowl champion with the Denver Broncos, is having none of.

Mark Schlereth has Aaron Rodgers as his NFL MVP

Clearly, as someone who played the game himself, Schlereth isn’t impressed with the air yards stat. He prefers victories over “stupid numbers”. Honestly, it’s kind of a hilarious take, in which he isn’t completely wrong or right.

Just like all stats, there isn’t any individual number that tells the full story. They are meant to be used in conjunction with several others, in the hopes they help paint a picture of who does what better than others. In this case, Schlereth mentions how Rodgers is a smart player, choosing to take what the defense gives him, instead of simply airing the ball out downfield in hopes of racking up air yards. To which, he’s absolute correct.

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For what it’s worth, Matthew Stafford leads the NFL in completed air yards this season with 2,590. Tom Brady is second with 2,583 air yards. Meanwhile, Rodgers ranks 12th according to Pro Football Reference. It’s also safe to say, Lamar Jackson didn’t lead the NFL in air yards when he won MVP in 2019

Schlereth closes out his video by declaring Rodgers to be his 2021-22 NFL MVP as many others believe and as Vegas oddsmakers suggest. In the up-to-date MVP odds, AR12 is an overwhelming favorite at -400.