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Jeff Bezos reportedly could be candidate to buy Seattle Seahawks

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos reportedly won’t be buying the Washington Commanders, not even submitting an official bid for the NFL franchise. However, one of the richest people in America might have his eye on the Seattle Seahawks.

Bezos has been tied to a potential Commanders’ sale for years, viewed as the overwhelming favorite to buy the team if owner Daniel Snyder ever sold it. While the Amazon founder expressed initial interest in buying the club, Front Office Sports reported Sunday that he didn’t submit a bid for the club before a deadline for submissions in December.

As a result, he is expected to be out of the running as Snyder evaluates final offers before moving forward with a sale. While the Washington Post owner has now passed on buying the Commanders and Denver Broncos, there could be another NFL franchise to monitor.

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According to JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington, several people around the league have suggested that Bezos will become a candidate to buy the Seahawks.

Multiple reports over the last year have suggested Seattle’s NFL team will eventually be put up for sale. Seahawks owner Paul Allen passed away in 2018, leaving behind the control of the team to Jody Allen, who is a trustee of his estate.

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However, Portland’s John Canzano reported in May 2022 that the Paul G. Allen requires all of his assets to be sold off with the money going to his “passion projects” including support for cancer research. It includes both the Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Will the Seattle Seahawks be sold?

Further reporting by The Seattle Times found that the earliest timeline for a potential sale of Seattle’s NFL club wouldn’t be until 2024. Jody Allen has noted in previous interviews that it will likely take the family at least a decade to sell all of her brother’s assets.

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Bezos owns a home in Medina, Washington, a small town right outside of Seattle. While the Commanders once seemed like a logical target for him, the Washington Post’s coverage of Snyder likely ruled out any chance of the Commanders’ owner selling the franchise to Bezos.

Given Amazon’s connection to the NFL and the value of owning a franchise in the most popular sport in the United States, it is likely only a matter of time before Bezos buys a team. Once he does, he’ll immediately become the richest team owner in American sports.