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Is a first-round pick enough for a DK Metcalf trade? One NFL insider says yes

Andrew Buller-Russ

There’s been a lot of smoke to suggest a DK Metcalf trade is possible, but so far there’s been very little traction toward getting a deal completed. For Seattle Seahawks fans the last bit is music to their ears. To NFL teams hoping to improve the top of their depth chart with a No. 1 wide receiver, it’s bad news.

But that doesn’t mean Metcalf couldn’t still be dealt at some point before the NFL trade deadline later this fall. Until the Seahawks can come to terms on a contract extension with their Pro Bowl receiver, the rumors won’t die down any time soon. Especially if they enter the season with Drew Lock as their starting quarterback and few other roster improvements.

The best time for a Metcalf trade, if it happens, would be at some point before the end of the first round of April 28’s NFL Draft. Despite the Seahawks not showing any interest in listening to trade offers just yet, some NFL insiders continue to believe a trade is possible, and the potential cost may surprise you.

Would a first-round pick be enough to acquire DK Metcalf?

Speaking on ESPN’s Get Up on Friday, Jeremy Fowler added a few interesting tidbits regarding the ongoing Metcalf situation in Seattle.

“Teams are calling but Seattle is putting up the front that they don’t want to deal him but Metcalf and other teams believe that could change and Seattle could make a deal at the right price as we get closer to the draft.”

Jeremy Fowler on DK Metcalf (H/t uStadium)

Fowler went on to add his belief that even a first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft could be enough to entice Seattle to agree to a Metcalf deal. Whether that would include other moving parts, driving the total trade return back to Seattle is unknown, but that’s the report.

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If all it would take is a first-round pick to trade for DK Metcalf, he’d already be packing his bags. With so many teams desperate to find an alpha receiver, chances are the Seahawks could get much more in a potential trade.

One report suggested the Jets were willing to offer No. 10, which to me is believable. But according to that rumor, the Seahawks weren’t even willing to hear them out. This indicates a desire to either still make a contract extension with their top receiver work, or possibly that they’re holding out for a bigger trade offer.

The bigger issue for any team hoping to land Metcalf may be agreeing on contract value. Entering the final year of his rookie deal, the young receiver is looking at his first massive NFL paycheck. He likely isn’t interested in offering a discount of any kind. Factoring in the trade capital plus the salary investment, the decision to trade for and then extend Metcalf is a major one.

Sure, teams may want to see who’s available to them in the draft and when, but by that point, the Seahawks may want to begin the year with their downfield threat, hoping to see some early magic on the field. Needless to say, the Metcalf stories aren’t going away any time soon, unless he signs an extension with the ‘Hawks.

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