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Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love likely to request trade if Aaron Rodgers returns in 2023

As the Green Bay Packers await a decision from quarterback Aaron Rodgers on his plans for the 2023 NFL season, his choice could have significant ramifications for the future of Jordan Love.

Love, the 26th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, has spent the majority of his first three seasons on the bench. The 24-year-old quarterback has attempted just 83 passes in three years, making one start during that stretch.

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Rodgers addressed his future during a recent appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show”, suggesting that he wants to play for Green Bay but only if they aren’t rebuilding. Tight against the 2023 NFL salary cap, the Packers are in a position where they must decide between mortgaging the future for a limited contention window or building around Love.

Appearing on SportsCenter, ESPN’s NFL insider Jeremy Fowler disclosed that Green Bay still wants Rodgers back if he wants to play for them. However, the return of the future Hall of Famer would likely result in Love requesting a trade.

“Really they’ve been public that they want him back. That leaves Jordan Love in a precarious situation. Former first-round pick, he’s going on year four. It wouldn’t shock me if he requested a trade at that point. From what I’m told, he wants to play, he feels like he’s ready.”

NFL insider Jeremy Fowler on Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love

Following ominous reports surrounding Love’s talent in recent years, the tone has changed in Green Bay. Yahoo Sports NFL insider Charles Robinson has reported on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast that the Packers are extremely high on Love and are confident he is ready to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Love now finds himself in the same situation Rodgers faced with Brett Favre. If the Packers’ legendary quarterback wants to return, there is no path for Love to start in Green Bay. Entering a contract year, with his fifth-year option still not exercised, Love wants to prove himself somewhere next season.

The Packers could help influence Rodgers’ decision. Facing roster constraints with limited cap space, Green Bay could signal their intention to part ways with veterans Adrian Amos, Randall Cobb and Marcedes Lewis. If that happens, Rodgers either retires or requests a trade.

If general manager Brian Gutekunst commits to Rodgers fully, bringing veteran players back for the 2023 season, Love likely requests a trade. In either scenario, the Packers will be fielding trade offers for one of their quarterbacks this offseason.