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Washington Commanders’ Daniel Snyder refuses to appear at House Oversight Committee hearing

It was earlier this month that Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell were requested to testify in front of congress.

The request came from the bipartisan US House Oversight & Reform Committee and had asked for the two to attend their June 22 open hearing.

“The hearing is the next step in the Committee’s months-long investigation into the Commanders’ hostile workplace culture and to also examine the NFL handling of allegations of workplace misconduct, the NFL’s role in setting and enforcing standards across the League, and legislative reforms needed to address these issues across the NFL and other workplaces.”

US House Oversight & Reform Committee letter to daniel snyder, dated June 1

Citing several different reasons, both substantive and procedural, the law firm representing Snyder said he would not be attending said hearing in a letter to the committee on Wednesday.

“Although Mr. Snyder remains willing to cooperate with the Committee—as he has done in the past— for the reasons set forth below, he is unable to accept the Committee’s invitation to testify at the scheduled hearing.”

Letter from Daniel Snyder’s attorney, Karen Patton Seymour, to the Committee (via Axios).

Part of the reason Snyder is not testifying is that he’s apparently going to be out of the country conducting official Commanders business.

This is rather interesting in that Goodell and the NFL have maintained that he is not in control of the organization’s day-to-day business following widespread allegations of workplace misconduct levied in the owner’s direction.

Other reasons for Snyder’s absence are more substantive such as the Committee’s supposed unwillinges to provide Snyder with “such basic information that would enable a witnss to defend himself.”

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What does this most-recent Daniel Snyder news mean?

Washington Commanders, Daniel Snyder
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The allegations against Mr. Snyder and his Washington franchise are widespread. They include former employees alleging a toxic workplace environment that now consist of direct claims against the embattled owner himself.

Said allegations were brought to light in a U.S. House of Representatives’ Oversight Committee roundtable discussion held back in April.

“These victims are bravely coming forward with their stories, sharing details of despicable abuse in their workplace. The WFT and NFL had a responsibility to protect these employees, and they failed. This Committee will do everything in its power to protect employees at the WFT and beyond.”

Committee member Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) in a statement back in april

Following receipt of Snyder’s letter, the Committee indicated on Wednesday that it would respond in due time. But given the public rhetoric we’ve heard from political leaders on both sides of the aisle, it is not going to sit well.

Remember, all of this comes at a time when Snyder is facing separate allegations of cooking the books and withholding revenue from the NFL.

The very same Congressional Committee investigating Snyder and his Commanders for workplace misconduct recently sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to share evidence that the owner withheld deposits from ticket holders and hid revenues from the league.

That’s led to a push from owners behind the scenes to remove Daniel Snyder from his role and force the embattled owner to sell.