Caitlin Clark’s star presence leading to mind-blowing WNBA attendance numbers

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It turns out Angel Reese was wrong. People are tuning into the WNBA to watch Caitlin Clark, but we already knew this.

However, thanks to Sportscasting, we now have the data to back up why the eye test shows. Caitlin Clark is VERY popular, and she’s singlehandedly driving interest in the WNBA, causing attendance numbers to soar.

Here are a few quick facts about how Clark is increasing the WNBA’s popularity.

  • Games with Clark feature 87% more spectators compared to opponent’s average home game
  • Clark is responsible for 33.5% of total WNBA attendance in 2024
  • Clark’s WNBA games average 15,591 fans, 105% more than non-Clark games
  • Indiana Fever’s road games bring in 36% more fans than any other WNBA team
  • Games featuring Clark cost roughly 241% more than all other WNBA events

The WNBA has revealed that overall attendance is up 156% over last year’s events, with arenas almost filled to capacity (94%). Even WNBA TV ratings are sky-high, with viewership up 185%.

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So far, the Fever have played six games on the road, and five of them have helped the home arena set a new season-high in attendance. In other words, everyone’s tuning into the WNBA for a chance to see Clark, whether it’s in person or on TV.

Of course, this doesn’t mean spectators aren’t tuning in to watch the other stars of the league, but Clark is definitely the biggest driving force.

In all, the Fever have the WNBA’s best attendance, at home and away. That’s amazing, considering Indiana has the second-worst record in the league, at 3-10, a win rate of .231.

This is equivalent to the Miami Marlins or Chicago White Sox being the most popular MLB team. Or the Washington Wizards or Charlotte Hornets in the NBA. Or the Washington Commanders in the NFL. Yeah, it’s a bit wacky, but that’s the kind of draw Clark brings, which only raises more questions about her omission from Team USA’s Olympic women’s basketball team.

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