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Twitter reacts to (15) Saint Peter’s topping (2) Kentucky in OT

Andrew Buller-Russ

This is getting ridiculous already. Earlier in the day, we saw (5) Iowa fall to (12) Richmond in the first round of the men’s college basketball tournament. Now, there’s been another massive upset, with (15) Saint Peter’s taking down the (2) Kentucky Wildcats in the first round of tournament play during March Madness.

Saint Peter’s? Yeah, we don’t know either. But they are a real basketball team who made it to the tourney on the back of a 19-11 record in the MAAC conference.

Apparently, they are known as the Peacocks, but it doesn’t matter what they call themselves. What matters is they just sent Kentucky home after beating them 85-79 in OT.

Instead of the Wildcats, who many likely had advancing in their brackets, the Peacocks are advancing to the second round, which begins on Saturday.

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Twitter loses their mind over Saint Peter’s kicking out Kentucky

With the massive NCAA basketball upset, Twitter is having a field day over the thrilling victory for Saint Peter’s which is just the 10th team ranked as a 15th seed to upset a No. 2 seed in NCAA men’s basketball tournament history.

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We hope you had picked Saint Peter’s in your brackets.

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