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Super Bowl LVII bets could reach record amounts of over $1.1 billion in United States

Super Bowl LVII
Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Bets are running wild as we approach Super Bowl LVII as sports betting continues to gain popularity all around the world. The general public is eager to place their money behind either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs as both teams look to add to their trophy case on Feb. 12.

With 33 states now offering legalized sports betting, the anticipation is that last year’s $947 million record will be surpassed once again this year. Early figures on 2023 Super Bowl betting are projecting new record highs in the $1.1 billion range, according to Play USA, which would make Super Bowl LVII the most bet-upon sports event in United States history.

Nevada alone is projected to ring in roughly $175 million in Super Bowl 57 bets, with New York coming in second at an estimated $150 million.

Unfortunately, those in Missouri hoping to place a wager on Patrick Mahomes winning his second Super Bowl trophy won’t be able to participate, as sports betting remains illegal in the Kansas City Chiefs’ home state. As for Philadelphia Eagles fans, they can bet all they want on Jalen Hurts winning his first Super Bowl in Pennsylvania.

Keep in mind these are just early projections. As we draw closer to Super Bowl Sunday, we often read about Super Bowl bets of ridiculous amounts, with ‘Mattress Mack’ a typical participant in the annual event. Last year Jim McInvale reportedly bet $9.5 million on the Cincinnati Bengals to take home the franchise’s first-ever Super Bowl trophy. As we know now, the bet didn’t pay out, thanks to the Los Angeles Rams emerging victorious.

  • Current 2023 Super Bowl betting odds: Philadelphia Eagles -1.5
  • Over/Under: 49.5 points
  • Moneyline: Chiefs +100, Eagles -120

Will we see any more wacky amounts tossed around on either the Eagles or Chiefs ahead of the big day? We’d be willing to bet on it.