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San Francisco 49ers head coach shuts down chatter on Trey Lance’s ‘arm fatigue’ issues

Jason Burgos

During his rookie season, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance was dogged by rumors of issues with arm fatigue. However, head coach Kyle Shanahan says there is nothing to the talk about his starting QB’s arm endurance.

Last season, a narrative began to form around the man the 49ers made the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Rumors claimed that Lance, 22, dealt with arm fatigue during his rookie season in the league and he required days off to avoid creating a more serious issue. The reports were obviously alarming since Lance only started two games in 2021 and primarily served as Jimmy Garoppolo’s backup. A role that should not require a great deal of work during the season.

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It is a storyline that has followed the North Dakota State alum into 2022 as he is set to become the team’s starting QB and has a great deal of responsibility on his shoulders in his second season in the league.

San Francisco 49ers HC on Trey Lance ‘arm fatigue’: ‘It’s not a concern at all’

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However, during a Monday appearance on “The TKO Show” podcast, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan wanted to make it clear that there was a reason behind Lance’s arm issues last season. And it was nothing out of the ordinary from what he has seen during a long career working with all types of signal-callers in the league.

“No, it’s not a concern at all. Trey had some injuries last year when he broke his finger, and stuff that he had to adjust some things to fight through, and get through which made him have some weeks where he did have a sore arm and things like that.

“But, I haven’t had a quarterback I’ve ever gone through in my career where there wasn’t one time in that year where their arm wasn’t bothering them. So, there’s no like difference in other guys or arm fatigue or anything like that. He had a great OTA. He’s in as good of a place right now as I’ve been around and I just can’t wait for him to start practice here in a couple of days.”

kyle shanahan on trey lance “arm fatique” talk
  • Trey Lance stats (2021): 3 games, 5 TD, 2 INT, 603 yards, 97.3 rating

After finishing 10-7 last season and making it to the NFC championship game, there is a lot of pressure on Lance to maintain the competitive level left behind by Garoppolo. A player that is expected to be released or traded in the near future.