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NFL insider thinks Aaron Rodgers could retire in 2023

Matt Johnson

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is returning for the 2022 season with one of the largest contracts in NFL history. However, the new long-term deal might not keep him around in Wisconsin for as long as fans hoped.

Rodgers has weighed retirement each of the past two offseasons. In 2021, he considered walking away from the game if the Packers wouldn’t trade him. Both sides resolved their differences, but the reigning NFL MVP contemplated ending his career once more in February.

Ultimately, Rodgers landed a new contract extension that would seemingly tie him to Green Bay for the next three seasons. While it’s a long-term deal signed by the organization to serve as a real commitment to its starting quarterback, NFL insider Peter King believes Rodgers could still retire a year from now.

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“I think Rodgers is year-to-year at this point. I saw the money he signed for. If he’s not enjoying the game or his place in it in 11 months, I could see him walking away.”

NBC Sports’ Peter King on the future of Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

It would be an unfortunate turn of events for Green Bay if Rodgers walked away. The organization is seemingly out on Jordan Love as its quarterback of the future. If Rodgers retired after the 2022 season, it would leave a seismic cap hit that crippled the team’s cap space for multiple seasons.

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It still seems unlikely that Rodgers would retire after a year. He is the back-to-back MVP winner and even with Davante Adams gone, the relationship with the coaching staff and his teammates is gone.

More likely, Rodgers will spend the next two seasons playing for the Packers. After that, whether he wins another Super Bowl or not, he can then retire and never look back.