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NFL coach rips New York Giants’ Joe Judge for acting tough, trying to be ‘mini-Bill Belichick’

Matt Johnson
Joe Judge, New York Giants
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants entered December with a 4-7 record with hope from head coach Joe Judge that the team would rally in the final weeks to end the 2021 NFL season on a high note. Instead, the Giants have collapsed even further with Judge now at the center of criticism and growing calls for his firing.

Much of it came after Sunday’s blowout loss to the Chicago Bears, one of the worst NFL teams this season. Immediately following the defeat, Judge went on a 10-minute rant during his post-game press conference declaring the Giants ‘ain’t some clown show’ and telling everyone how badly players wanted to play for him.

  • Joe Judge record: 10-22

“I can tell you we’re got more players here who are going to be free agents next year, all right, they’re coming in my office every day begging me to come back. I know that. I know that. I know players that we coached last year still calling me twice a week telling me how much they wish they were still here even though they’re getting paid more somewhere else. Ok? So I know we’ve got the right foundational pieces right there. “

New York Giants HC Joe Judge on players wanting to play for him, via NJ.com

The former New England Patriots special teams coordinator also addressed growing frustration from the fan base, highlighting how New York ‘is supposed to be a tough place to be, while also saying the team is going in the right direction in a number of areas.

Judge’s outburst, which included telling reporters that former Giants’ players allegedly told him they miss play for the Giants, received overwhelming criticism and mockery on social media. But New York’s head coach is also now drawing strong comments from his peers in NFL coaching circles.

“To me, it is actually kind of sad. He wants to be a tough guy, yell at the officials, be a mini-Bill Belichick, and then he starts to crumble under the weight of the New York media. His diatribe sends a message to his team and everyone else that he is starting to feel the pressure.”

Anonymous NFL coach to The Athletic’s Mike Sando on Joe Judge

The criticisms of Judge trying to act like Bill Belichick match many of the sentiments around the league when Matt Patricia served as the Detroit Lions coach. Both players and those around football blasted Patricia for trying to copy Belichick’s demeanor, all while seemingly forgetting that Belichick earned players’ respects through winning and earning respect in the locker room.

In December, many believed Judge would be retained for the 2022 season. But that could change since the Giants’ average margin of defeat during this five-game losing streak is 16 points.

If the GIants ultimately fire Joe Judge, the initial reactions to the hire will be proven accurate.