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Talks for new Washington Commanders stadium put on hold until at least 2023

FedEx Field has been home to Washington football teams since 1997 when the stadium first opened. And although it’s been expanded three times and renovated twice, fans of the Washington Commanders deserve a better place to watch football in.

The most recent examples came during the 2021-22 season which featured three different incidents where water leaked either directly on or near fans in attendance. Or when the spectator railing fell as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts walked off the field in Week 16.

Clearly, FedEx Field isn’t up to par. The organization appeared to be making progress toward finding a location for a new stadium to be built, but a new development has brought that process to a screeching halt.

Virginia General Assembly bails on stadium bill

One idea for a new location was for Washington to build a new stadium in Virginia after the organization recently purchased a plot of land for $100 million to potentially build on. But they still need (or would like) further funding to begin construction.

That won’t be happening any time soon.

According to The Associated Press, the Virginia General Assembly is ditching its Washington Commanders legislation plans for the rest of the year.

Democratic Virginia Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw cited there were too many controversies and issues to be resolved within the Commanders’ organization for any legislation to continue at this time. But talks could pick up again next year.

Meanwhile, Virginia Senate member Chap Petersen made some other comments that further hint at where the franchise currently stands among some local fans, citing a lack of support.

“The vote got tabled because there wasn’t support for the stadium for a panoply of reasons. For some people there are some systemic issues. I don’t believe the team has the type of community backing I would expect from a major pro sports franchise and then all the issues with the owner.”

Sen. Chap Petersen on Washington Commanders’ legislation talks

Washington Commanders release response statement

Shortly after the legislature announcement was made, the Washington Commanders released a statement of their own, acknowledging the “complexity” of the situation, while remaining hopeful for future talks to bring a more positive outcome.

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