NASCAR ‘likely’ to add a streaming package to the TV deal starting in 2025

NASCAR is "likely" to add a streaming package to its next TV deal starting in 2025. Which streaming company would be a perfect fit for the sport?


NASCAR is currently working on its next TV deal that will begin in February 2025 when the first race of the season is underway. As of now, FOX and NBC are the current broadcast partners of the sport and it seems unlikely that it will change if someone in charge is correct.

Steve Phelps, the President of NASCAR, talked about FOX and NBC during the State of the Sport address in November 2022. Phelps said the sport’s future will go through the two networks and that the relationship with them has never been better.

It is very important to note because the TV deal is going to be a major topic over the next year. This comes at a time when NASCAR ratings are dropping compared to the 2022 season; however, it still seems to be enough to attract another company.

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NASCAR seems ‘likely’ to carve out a third package for a streaming company in the next TV deal


It was reported in November 2022 that NASCAR was interested in acquiring a streaming company for its next TV deal like many other major sports, such as the NFL with its Thursday Night Football package with Amazon.

Sports Business Journal’s Adam Stern said that it could signal that fans would need to purchase a streaming platform to watch races in some capacity. It’s not a guarantee but it would follow the pattern of other American sports.

In fact, Stern jumped on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio last week and gave an update on where the negotiations are between the sport and its networks. It is definitely interesting as a streaming package is looking more likely every day.

“I still think NBC and FOX are primed to get some sort of package with NASCAR. It seems likely that there will be some sort of third package carved out for a streaming company. How exactly that works, whether the rights will be exclusive to the streaming company, or it will be simulcast on TV with FOX and NBC for example, we will still have to see.”

Adam Stern on NASCAR’s pursuit of a streaming package for its next TV deal

For those who want to see FOX and NBC stop covering NASCAR, it feels really unlikely based on Phelps’ comments and the latest report from Stern. Both networks have been around the sport long enough to show they belong with the sport.

However, the sport’s likelihood of creating a third package for a streaming company is very interesting. Could Amazon, Disney, or Paramount try to pursue a piece of the puzzle? What about Peacock since it is a streaming service from NBCUniversal?

In fact, Peacock is set to simulstream three Cup Series and four Xfinity Series races in 2023. The details on those races have yet to be released but it could be some sort of experiment as NASCAR looks to dive into the streaming pool.

It will be interesting to follow since there are no NASCAR races currently behind a paywall. The sport is set for some possible changes in the next TV deal and it could change the way that NASCAR is viewed starting in 2025.

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