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NBA insider suggests blockbuster Los Angeles Lakers trade idea to land Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

The Los Angeles Lakers are fairly limited in making big moves this offseason. However, one NBA insider believes they should take a mammoth swing for both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in a deal that would send the Brooklyn Nets two of their big three.

When Durant requested a trade from the Nets to begin July, it sent shock waves throughout the NBA. Nearly half the league, including smaller market organizations, were intrigued by the chance to land arguably the best player in the sport. Lost in the shuffle was the fact that his teammate Kyrie Irving was up for grabs as well.

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However, unlike Durant, it seemed that the Irving market started and ended with the Lakers. Due to his previous success with Lebron James, they seemed to be the only team willing to add his divisive personality to their locker room. Thus far, a deal to send Irving to LA or a move that would ship Durant out of Brooklyn hasn’t gained any traction.

NBA insider suggests Los Angeles Lakers trade Anthony Davis for Kevin Durant

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The Lakers are severely hampered by having few first-round draft picks to trade, and Russell Westbrook’s expiring contract is too expensive for most teams following one of the worst seasons of his career. But in an attempt to find a worthwhile move including Westbrook and the rumored two first-round picks it would take to ship him off, one NBA insider gave Bleacher Report a wild idea to totally overhaul the team and land both Iriving and Durant.

“Kyrie is the move. They should offer [Anthony] Davis with Westbrook. Try and get Kevin Durant. KD for AD and a pick is as close as [the Nets] will get to what they want.”

NBA insider on lakers and Nets trade idea

The Lakers had a seriously disappointing season in 2021-2022. They finished well under .500 and missed out on a spot in the NBA play-in tournament. There is no doubting the success of James and Davis as they helped the organization win a championship two years ago. However, adding Westbrook to the mix was disastrous.

A trio of James, Durant, and Irving would seem as good as any trio in the NBA. However, considering Davis’ injury history, it is unclear if the Nets believe him and a first-round pick a few years down the line is the historic haul they have been holding out for in a Durant trade. With that said, if healthy, a long-term combo of Davis and Ben Simmons could be a legitimate force in the Eastern Conference.