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Dallas Cowboys’ Kelvin Joseph spoke to Dallas police for ‘hours’ over murder investigation

Kelvin Joseph, Dallas Cowboys
Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph, a person of interest in a murder investigation, reportedly met with Dallas police on Friday for hours of questioning.

The 22-year-old defensive back was identified on security footage released by Fox 4 News in Dallas with the same group of men allegedly responsible for shooting and killing 20-year-old Cameron Ray. According to law enforcement, an altercation erupted around 1:45 a.m. outside a Dallas nightclub on March 18 involving Joseph’s group.

Ray and his friends were walking to their cars when a dark-colored SUV pulled up and opened fire. At the time, a Cowboys source told Patrik Walker of CBS Sports that Joseph would cooperate with police but they didn’t believe he was the shooter.

On Friday, Joseph’s attorney told The Dallas Morning News that his client spent a few hours talking to police regarding his involvement in Ray’s death. In Joseph’s account to police, shared via his attorney, he was an unarmed passenger in the vehicle when shots were fired. No further details are being provided publicly at this time.

“Kelvin Joseph did not shoot Cameron Ray. Mr. Ray’s death is a tragedy, and Kelvin extends his deepest condolences for the family’s loss. On the night of March 17, Kelvin was unarmed and was not looking for violence. He found himself in a situation that escalated without his knowledge or consent.

Barry Sorrels, Kelvin Joseph’s attorney, on the shooting of Cameron Ray

Even if Joseph didn’t shoot Ray, the Dallas Morning News points out there could still be legal trouble under Texas’ law of parties. The Cowboys’ cornerback seemingly didn’t come forward to the police for weeks about the shooting. Further, Texas law gives courts the ability to convict individuals of an offense committed by someone else based on the defendant’s relationship to the alleged perpetrator and if they are viewed as an accomplice.

At this time, Joseph has not been charged by law enforcement.

Dallas Cowboys statement on Kelvin Joseph investigation, potential NFL suspension

On Friday, the Dallas Cowboys released an official statement on police seeking Joseph for questioning and the death of Cameron Ray.

“The Dallas Cowboys are aware of the tragic incident that occurred in Dallas on March 18. First and foremost, our hearts go out to Mr. (Cameron) Ray’s family and loved ones. The organization is aware of Kelvin Joseph’s possible connection to this incident. We are in contact with Dallas law enforcement and have alerted the NFL office. We have no further comment at this time.”

Dallas Cowboys team statement, via NFL.com

An NFL spokesperson told reports that the matter is “under review of the league’s personal conduct policy.” Under the new NFL CBA, commissioner Roger Goodell no longer has total authority to impose suspensions on players. Instead, the NFL and NFL Players Association make their cases to an arbitrator both sides appoint.

If the arbitrator rules a suspension and issues discipline, then Goodell can step in if he believes a longer suspension is warranted. Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson will likely be the first to go through the new process.