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All eyes on Bruce Arians after Tom Brady retirement

Andrew Buller-Russ

So, you may have heard. Tom Brady retired. What does that mean for Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians? Could he too, walk off into the sunset and start living the good life of retirement?

It’s an interesting question, especially with the Buccaneers possibly poised to lose offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, and/or defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Could Arians instead choose to avoid a year of certain uncertainty with who knows who under center for the Buccaneers? 2021 second-round pick Kyle Trask is the top immediate option to take over for Brady under center, but Arians may not be thrilled with the idea of going through the growing pains typically tied to a 23, soon-to-be 24-year old quarterback.

Arians has dealt with several health issues in his coaching career. Now 69 years old, he just might be done with all the stress associated with spending September-February putting his all into trying to reach one big game. From here on out, Arians won’t have a Hall of Fame quarterback to fall back on when things go awry. Instead, the criticism will 100% be pointed at him. That added pressure just might be enough for him to walk away too.

Bruce Arians retiring now lets Buccaneers keep Leftwich

However, the idea of Bruce Arians ditching town so Byron Leftwich can take over as the Buccaneers head coach could appeal to the no-risk it, no biscuit coach. He’s given Leftwich an opportunity at every turn since the two linked up in Pittsburgh back in 2010.

Now, Arians just might hand his whistle to Leftwich. Not his whistle, that would be nasty, but a whistle.

Sure, Leftwich is under strong consideration for several head coaching vacancies, most recently being linked to the New Orleans Saints and also tied to his former team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. But neither of those teams have any current ties to Leftwich, other than his history playing for the Jaguars. Despite that, they still remain a dysfunctional organization.

In Tampa Bay, Leftwich is already familiar with everyone from A-Z. Including who may be his starting quarterback, Kyle Trask. He’s also recently won a Super Bowl with the Bucs and still has several offensive weapons on hand who he’s already familiar with.

Of course, there’s some intrigue to go coach back in the city that once drafted him to help develop a potential generational quarterback like Trevor Lawrence too. We’ll see what decision Leftwich ultimately makes, but it could all come down to one Arians is mulling first, even if it all happens behind the scenes.

Basically, Tom Brady walking away may just be the first domino that falls in Tampa Bay. A Bruce Arians retirement could be the next, though it won’t have nearly the same impact. TB12 beat you to it.