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Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher breaks NFL record with 4 missed extra points

With the exception of lost kicker Brett Maher, the Dallas Cowboys are looking at a night to remember.

Brett Maher
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In an NFC Wild Card Playoff game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys featuring future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady and a slew of other stars like QB Dak Prescott and linebacker Micah Parsons, Cowboys kicker Brett Maher has emerged as the accidental “star” of the game after missing a baffling four straight extra-point attempts.

Sadly, those four misses smashed the record in the worst way with the previous record for missed extra points being two and he only needed three quarters for his unfortunate mark in the record book.

Maher will likely have no idea what to say about this upon the game’s conclusion, but the guy simply has not been able to connect on what’s almost never a struggle for kickers quite like what’s been put on display tonight.

During the regular season, Maher was fantastic on extra points, efficiently connecting on 50-of-53 attempts. So this sudden case of the yips is truly an extra bizarre one.

Brett Maher makes wrong kind of history on biggest stage

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles
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If someone were to casually look at the score, they would either assume a couple of field goals had been kicked or that perhaps Dallas went for the two-point conversation and failed once or twice. But nope, the Cowboys have simply scored four touchdowns with no extra points rewarded.

The one positive aspect of having said opportunities at extra points means Dallas is putting the ball in the end zone, while Brady and Co. have appeared completely inept in all facets, including an early interception thrown by “TB12” in the end zone.

This game is obviously leaning hard toward being the worst night of Brett Maher’s kicking career, but he definitely chose the right time to do it.

However, some good news has arrived with Maher fighting through the inner fog and managing to connect on his fifth extra-point attempt early in the fourth quarter. Cowboys fans can finally breathe of sigh of relief.

For now, at least.

We have all learned the Tom Brady lesson at some point. The now widely known rule for opposing fans is to wait until the clock shows four zeroes before ever saying “it’s over” when Thomas Edward Brady is on other the sideline, regardless of how poorly he’s played.