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Boston Red Sox still low-balling Xander Bogaerts, offers ‘haven’t come close’ in MLB free agency

Xander Bogaerts is one of the top MLB free agents available this winter with the Boston Red Sox still pushing to re-sign their homegrown star. However, the odds of Bogaerts staying at Fenway Park appear to be dwindling.

Boston explored a contract extension with Bogaerts before Opening Day, hoping to prevent the All-Star shortstop from testing the open market. However, the club’s proposal fell short with some in the organization even believing it was an unfair offer to Bogaerts.

As the MLB Winter Meetings begin with Bogaerts and his agent set to meet with more teams in desperate need of a superstar, a bidding war for his services is set to explode. However, Boston seems to be way behind at the negotiating table despite its interest in re-signing him.

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Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that the Red Sox haven’t come close in their contract offers to Bogaerts. While he would like to re-sign in Boston, the club’s proposals aren’t anywhere near enough to entice him to stay.

The 30-year-old has more than enough suitors to land him a contract that will make him one of the highest-paid players in MLB. With the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs among the teams after the two-time World Series champion, Bogaerts has no incentive to sign a below-market contract with Boston.

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Many Red Sox fans expressed frustration over the past year regarding the owner’s unwillingness to spend the money necessary to be a World Series contender. Staring down the possibility of a fan-favorite walking, in part because the Red Sox won’t match what other clubs are offering, will only spark more anger in Boston.

Losing Bogaerts would also raise questions about the future of Rafael Devers. An AL MVP candidate early in the regular season, the All-Star third baseman is going to be one of the best free agents available next year.

Based on the organization’s recent history, there are some reasons to think Boston could be without both Bogaerts and Devers by 2024. For now, the Red Sox are stating publicly that they are pushing to keep their All-Star shortstop. Entering Monday, though, it appears their offer to Bogaerts doesn’t match what they are expressing publicly.

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