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WATCH: New York Giants’ Andrew Thomas with big man TD catch

Vincent Frank
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Making his first appearance since back in Week 6, second-year New York Giants offensive tackle Andrew Thomas made his impact known Monday night against the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It just might not be how you think. With the Giants down 10-3 in the second quarter following an interception of Tom Brady, the struggling team was facing a goal-to-go situation.

That’s when offensive coordinator Jason Garrett decided to draw up the unexpected. Reporting as eligible, the 315-pound Thomas caught a two-yard touchdown pass from Daniel Jones. You read that right. Caught a two-yard touchdown pass. In fact, the catch itself was pretty darn awesome.

Talk about fooling the defense in every possible way. In what can’t be considered too much of a surprise, Andrew Thomas never caught a single pass during his college days at Georgia or in the season-plus since the Giants made him a first-round pick.

Thomas now has more touchdown catches this season than Giants wide receivers Kadarius Toney and Kenny Golladay combined. That’s not shocking at all.