Aaron Rodgers blasts ‘fabricated’ rumor of comments made by Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy

When the Green Bay Packers hired Matt LaFleur as their new head coach, many wondered if he would clash with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The two have developed a close relationship ever since, but one rumor persisted about Rodgers and CEO Mark Murphy.

NFL reporter Ty Dunne wrote in 2019 about the issues in Green Bay and what led to Mike McCarthy’s exit. The story detailed the split between Rodgers and his head coach and how the Packers wanted to make sure history didn’t repeat itself.

Before the Packers announced the hiring of LaFleur, Murphy called the franchise’s star quarterback to inform him about the new coach. Dunne’s anonymous source said Green Bay’s CEO told Rodgers, “Don’t be part of the problem.”

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During his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers addressed the old rumor directly and made it clear nothing like that was ever said.

“Let me just respond to that. That never f****** happened, I think I’ve mentioned that on this show. That alleged conversation never happened…’Don’t be the problem’, that never happened. That’s a total lie. It’s a fabrication.”

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, via Pat McAfee Show

Rodgers has pushed back against several rumors regarding his relationship with the Packers’ organization. Recently, he poked fun at any suggestion that his relationship with LaFleur isn’t in a good place.

The reigning NFL MVP isn’t the first to emphatically deny the rumor about comments made to him. Shortly after Dunne’s story was released, Murphy responded with a strong denial during an interview with Scott Emerich of WXOW-TV.

“It’s all in the past, a lot of half-truths and a lot of stuff just made up. The conversation that allegedly took place between Aaron and I was completely false. We had a great conversation. It was very positive. We talked about Matt LaFleur and I said, ‘Aaron, I think the change is going to be great for you and the organization’ and he was very positive.”

Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy on alleged comments to Aaron Rodgers, (H/T PackersNews.com)

Rodgers also addressed why he didn’t speak out this offseason when his issues with the Packers’ front office went public. The All-Pro quarterback said he didn’t want to keep things private and didn’t see the need to put things out for the general public.

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The Packers didn’t always take the same approach. Murphy said the situation with Rodgers divided the fan base and he took a subtle shot at the face of the franchise using the words of the late general manager Ted Thompson.

Considering how open he was during his press conference upon his return and Murphy’s prior denial, there’s no reason to believe comments about not being a problem were ever made.

For now, the differences between the two sides are resolved and Rodgers is committed to winning a Super Bowl. Even with his future in Green Bay uncertain, the Packers’ legend seems determined to make sure false rumors about the organization aren’t held against them.