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Buffalo Bills’ Stefon Diggs pushes back against criticism after playoff loss

Buffalo Bills star wide receiver Stefon Diggs was clearly frustrated during the team’s brutal home loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in Sunday’s AFC Divisional Playoffs.

As the game was coming to a conclusion with Buffalo down multiple scores, Diggs could be seen on the sidelines screaming at quarterback Josh Allen. It just wasn’t a great look.

Buffalo ended up losing the game 27-10, ending its season in premature fashion for a third consecutive year of Diggs’ tenure. Following the game, reports surfaced that Diggs stormed out of the Bills’ locker room before coaches even made their way down from the field.

As for the wide receiver, he took to social media on Monday to call out those who have criticized him since Sunday’s loss with a series of posts. Again, it wasn’t a great look.

An emotional response to losing in the playoffs is to be expected. For Stefon Diggs and the Buffalo Bills, that’s magnified further due to what they had to deal with off the field. That included a mass shooting at a local grocery store back in May and the scary Damar Hamlin situation in Week 17.

With that said, making your quarterback look bad shouldn’t be part of the emotional response. Allen knows very well he did not live up to expectations in the playoffs. He doesn’t need his top receiver going at him in such a public setting.

As for Stefon Diggs, he recorded just four catches for 35 yards on 10 targets against Cincinnati. In fact, the Pro Bowler put up less than 40 yards in three of his final six games, playoffs included.