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Cano and Scherzer supportive of Aaron Judge turning down Yankees contract offer

Jason Burgos

Multi-time All-Stars Robinson Cano and Max Scherzer know the value of testing one’s value on the free-agent market. It is why they are supportive of Aaron Judges’ recent decision to turn down a massive seven-year contract extension from the New York Yankees.

After several weeks of speculation and rumors, the Yankees finally made a contract extension offer to their top everyday player Aaron Judge last week. The reported offer worth $213.5 million over seven years came right before a deadline that would make negotiations during the season impossible. However, despite some pre-deadline conversation, Judge told the only team he has ever played for thanks, but no thanks.

It was a bold move for a player that has dealt with injury issues throughout their career. Furthermore, a star player turning down a major offer from the New York Yankees has been a rarity for the majority of baseball history. Yet, the soon-to-be 30-year-old is banking on himself and is willing to test his value in free agency next winter. And a couple of greats of the last decade, as well as cross-town comrades, are supportive of the outfielder’s choice.

Two Mets back Aaron Judge’s decision to turn down New York Yankees offer

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In 2013, Robinson Cano also turned down an extension offer from the Yanks and instead hit free agency after the season. That led to a massive 10-year, $240 million contract from the Seattle Mariners. That deal may not have worked out great for the Mariners, as many expected, but Cano got what he felt he deserved and he is in favor of Judge doing the same.

“This is the only chance he has to get his max,” Canó told The Athletic Tuesday. “He has been great for the city. He deserves to get what he wants … At the end of the day, all these years, he’s given a discount to the team. He wants to stay there. He just has to focus and play and hopefully have a great season this year.”

  • Aaron Judge stats (2021): .287 batting average, 39 HRs, 98 RBIs, 89 runs

Another man, and Met, that supports Judge’s decision is Max Scherzer. A player who has cashed in on massive new contracts on a couple of occasions, including this past winter with his current team. But in 2014, he turned down a six-year, $144 million dollar offer from the Detroit Tigers. Instead, he bet on himself, had another great season, and got seven years and $210 million from the Washington Nationals in free agency. He knows the power of wielding value on the open market and is happy Judge will get to do the same.

‘To be able to actually have an earning power in free agency is very rare,’ Scherzer said. ‘When you have the chance to have the hammer and go use it, you want to go use it. It’s tough to give that away.”

Aaron Judge is playing in the final year of his arbitration eligibility and earning just $17 million from the Yankees in 2022. The team plays in one of the MLB games today and will face the Toronto Blue Jays.