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Photos of Jimmy Butler, Donovan Mitchell hanging out sends internet into frenzy

Andrew Buller-Russ

The Miami Heat are a popular pick to make a splash move this offseason, possibly looking to add another star to their existing core led by Jimmy Butler. Meanwhile, the Utah Jazz are another popular pick to shake up their roster, which could even lead to a Donovan Mitchell trade, especially if he’s unhappy.

See where we’re going with this?

Jimmy Butler, Donovan Mitchell soon to be teammates?

As if there weren’t enough rumors already linking Mitchell to other teams, or linking a star to land in South Beach. With the Jazz needing to make changes and the Heat looking to improve, a Mitchell trade to the Heat could be a natural fit, if they have the trade capital.

While rumors were already running rampant, these recent developments will only pour more fuel on the fire.

It doesn’t help that the two, Butler and Mitchell, were recently spotted hanging out together at a birthday party for Chris Brickley, a basketball trainer who often works with NBA players.

While this is likely nothing but a couple stars hanging out together, or coming together to support their friend in Brickley, who’s likely trained both athletes in the past, it won’t prevent people from dreaming of what could be.

Could you imagine pairing Mitchell with Butler? It would be an ideal pairing for both. Mitchell could use some defensive help to keep the attention off him when he’s not on offense. Ditto for Jimmy. He could use another ball-handling scorer who can break defenses down when he’s not on his game from a scoring standpoint. Put the two together and maybe they can offset each other’s weaknesses. It could be a perfect match.

If Mitchell gets put on the trade block, the Jazz will have nearly every team curious about the asking price. Do the Heat have enough to pull off a trade without parting with Butler or Bam Adebayo? That’s the biggest question, because both players are likely untouchable in Miami’s eyes.

Now if the smoke surrounding Mitchell’s future continues to point toward a trade, the Heat will likely be one of the first teams linked to the All-Star, in addition to the New York Knicks.

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