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Donovan Mitchell could be preparing to request trade from Utah Jazz

Andrew Buller-Russ

The first shoe to drop for the Utah Jazz this offseason was head coach Quin Snyder deciding to resign from the team. Now as the team continues its search for their next coach, they may have to tread lightly in fear of Donovan Mitchell requesting a trade.

Long assumed to be virtually untouchable in trade by the Utah Jazz, it’s possible Snyder’s decision to leave, combined with their coaching search leads to a Mitchell trade request. Especially if whoever the Jazz hire next isn’t to Mitchell’s liking. There could be some trouble brewing in the mountains of Utah.

Donovan Mitchell’s loyalty fading?

NBA: Playoffs-Dallas Mavericks at Utah Jazz
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Ever since entering the NBA via the 2017 draft class, Donovan Mitchell has maintained his loyalty and love for the team that drafted him, giving him the chance to make the All-Rookie team in his first season. Three All-Star teams and five playoff appearances later, maybe Mitchell wants a change in scenery, with a chance to play in a bigger market, or just to be a part of a different contender.

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, some around the NBA are viewing the uncertainty surrounding Utah’s coaching situation as a potential sign of trouble for Mitchell. The report suggests Mitchell and his agency are angling to request a trade if the head coach hiring isn’t to his liking.

Will the Jazz seek the input of their star player before they make their hire? Or will they leave Mitchell twisting in the wind, waiting to hear the news like everyone else? How the Jazz handle their coaching search could directly impact the future of Mitchell, which is a scary proposition.

Maybe instead of focusing on a potential Rudy Gobert trade, it will be Mitchell who brings back a haul of trade assets. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see later this summer.

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