NASCAR linked to a big streaming company for the next TV deal in 2025

NASCAR has been linked to a big streaming company for the next TV deal in 2025 as the sport is likely to have a third package with FOX and NBC.

NASCAR: Daytona 500

NASCAR is working on its next TV deal that will begin for the 2025 season and while Steve Phelps, the president of the sport, believes the future runs through FOX and NBC, there could be one significant change on the way.

It was reported that NASCAR is “likely” to add a streaming package to the TV deal as other sports around the country being to do the same. The most popular situation is the NFL going to Amazon and allowing the company to provide coverage for Thursday Night Football.

The idea of purchasing a streaming platform to watch NASCAR races is realistic but it is currently unknown if that would be a requirement or if one of the networks would simulcast the races on TV. However, another report has arrived on a possible third package.

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NASCAR connected to this big streaming company for the next TV deal starting in 2025

NASCAR: Daytona 500

NASCAR has been linked to a few streaming companies in the past as Disney, Paramount, and Warner Bros. Discovery. These companies are reportedly likely to engage in conversations; however, it would probably not turn serious.

Therefore, it could leave a few options on the board if those companies are unlikely to have serious conversations this time around. Peacock could make sense because it is a streaming service from NBCUniversal but what about another major platform?

Sports Business Journal’s Adam Stern jumped on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio and discussed the upcoming TV deal while pinpointing a company that has been highly touted as one of the major players for a streaming package.

“I still think NBC and FOX are primed to get some sort of package with NASCAR. It seems likely that there will be some sort of third package carved out for a streaming company. How exactly that works, whether the rights will be exclusive to the streaming company, or it will be simulcast on TV with FOX and NBC for example, we will still have to see…Amazon has been heavily touted to be interested in talking to NASCAR about trying to get a streaming package.”

Adam Stern on NASCAR’s next TV deal for the 2025 season

As said above, Amazon already holds the rights for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football package and its first season went pretty well overall. It would also be an amazing grab for the sport if it were to be the eventual partnership.

Stern brought up great points about why it would be a good situation too. Amazon Prime already has been purchased by many people due to its incredible benefits, such as delivery and streaming purposes.

While the idea of needing to purchase Amazon Prime might be bad to some people, the age of streaming is likely just beginning and NASCAR would be entering a good partnership that would align them with other sports in America.

In the meantime, whether you are watching it live or looking for how to watch NASCAR on TV or another streaming platform, Sportsnaut has you covered for the upcoming weekend at Dover Motor Speedway!

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