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Myles Garrett trying to entice Odell Beckham Jr. back to Cleveland Browns

It’s been less than four months since Odell Beckham Jr. tore his ACL in the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl LVI victory. He’s since seen his contract with the Rams expire, making him an unrestricted free agent who can sign with any team.

Despite plenty of smoke from the Rams suggesting they want OBJ to return to the team in 2022, he has yet to be signed to the roster.

Until OBJ signs his name on the dotted line, another one of the 31 other NFL teams in the league could swoop in before the Rams can get a deal done.

In fact, one team that could become more intriguing for Beckham as the weeks go by and as he continues to heal from his ACL surgery, could ironically be the Cleveland Browns.

Odell Beckham, Cleveland Browns reunion in the works?

It wasn’t that long ago when Beckham and his father were complaining about being a member of the Browns, citing their unhappiness with the star receiver’s role in the offense. Just over six months later, and Baker Mayfield is likely on his way out the door, and Deshaun Watson has made his way into the Dawg Pound.

Could that simple change be enough for Beckham Jr. to have an interest in returning to the city of Cleveland? Possibly.

But more importantly, his teammates are still on board with a potential OBJ return in 2022, even if the ending was a bit awkward.

You can count one leader of the Browns’ locker room, Myles Garrett, to be on board with an OBJ return. He even tried to recruit his former teammate with an Instagram post earlier this week. The post was titled ‘Come Home The Fellas Miss You’.

Hey, if it worked to get Jadeveon Clowney back in town, maybe it can work for OBJ too. But chances are, he’d want to see Mayfield off the roster before his name makes his way back on.

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