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Joel Embiid immediately trolls Ben Simmons with meme after trade

Joel Embiid
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So Ben Simmons was finally traded, which makes several people around the NBA happy, but perhaps the one who gets the last laugh is now-former Philadelphia 76ers teammate Joel Embiid. Always a bit of a troll to the extent that he even embraces it, Embiid wasted no time hopping on Twitter literally minutes after the Simmons trade was officially announced.

Embiid, perhaps one of the biggest instigators in the NBA both in size and in character, didn’t necessarily have anything to say on social media in response to the trade, but he did share a post. Although what he shared didn’t feature any words, as they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

Joel Embiid essentially saying Ben Simmons won’t be missed

It’s no secret that Joel Embiid is well versed in today’s internet culture. This meme is simply the latest example. If you aren’t aware, the meme is from 2015 but has since been shared, re-tweeted, and adapted about a million ways to express different situations.

Originally, it was believed to have been shading a deceased person, with the individual showing up to the funeral, just to ensure one of his enemies had actually passed.

In this case, the “RIP Bozo” meme is used to state that Embiid won’t miss Simmons and that he basically can’t wait for him to leave the team by showing up to his funeral, to make sure he won’t be coming back to the team. As if it wasn’t already clear, Embiid had grown tired of Simmons not wanting to play for the 76ers anymore despite them remaining competitive.

Now, with Harden by his side, Embiid seems thrilled to add another All-Star on the floor by shipping out Simmons to Brooklyn. The on-court chemistry can’t be much worse than what we saw during last season’s Eastern Conference Semifinals for the Sixers.