Houston Texans canceled workout with Earl Thomas due to COVID-19 issues

NFL safety Earl Thomas
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first three weeks of the 2020 NFL season concluded without much of an issue as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. That changed Tuesday morning with news that three Tennessee Titans players were among those who tested positive for the virus within the organization.

This has placed into question two games for Week 4 of the season. That includes Tennessee taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Vikings going up against the Houston Texans.

We now have some more information on this front. It’s rather interesting.

Texans canceled workout with Earl Thomas due to COVID-19 issues

It was noted on Monday that Thomas took a visit with the Texans and was expected to sign with the team. The future Hall of Fame safety was released by his former Baltimore Ravens squad ahead of Week 1 due to a fight with a teammate.

As for Houston canceling the workout, the NFL did send a memo out to teams after news of the three positive Titans COVID-19 tests became public record.

In said memo, the league recommended that teams review their process for bringing in players to workout for them.

Obviously, that played a role in the Texans’ situation as it relates to Thomas.

The NFL has a plan set forth for situations like this. It’s not dissimilar to what we’re seeing around the Major League Baseball world right now. The idea is to stop a potential spread in its tracks before the threat of suspending a season becomes too real. For now, the two games in question we mentioned above are still slated to go on as expected this coming weekend.

We’ll have further updates on the entire COVID-related situation pertaining to the NFL heading into Week 4 of the 2020 season starting Thursday between the New York Jets and Denver Broncos.