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Formula 1’s Lando Norris has interest in trying out NASCAR

Formula 1 driver Lando Norris has interest in trying out a NASCAR stock car, as said in a Friday morning interview. Why is Norris interested and can it happen?

Austin Konenski

Formula 1 driver Lando Norris went on The Dan LeBatard Show for an interview and talked about how he has an interest in possibly testing out a NASCAR stock car if an opportunity would present itself.

Is this something that could happen in the future for Norris?

Why would Lando Norris try out NASCAR?

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Lando Norris expressed his desire to possibly try out a NASCAR stock car in a recent interview. It was unexpected but neat to see drivers from other disciplines show the sport its respect.

“I would love the opportunity to go and drive a NASCAR. Maybe not do an oval because they are scary and you gotta be a bit crazy to do those kinds of things.”

Lando Norris on his desire to try NASCAR

It is perfectly reasonable why Norris wouldn’t want to do an oval since he is used to the road courses that Formula 1 and other series have offered him throughout his career.

If it were to ever happen, a road course is almost 100% the way to go since it would be the most comfortable option. However, Norris called himself a “massive fan of NASCAR”, so maybe he could test an oval far in the future.

While some in Formula 1 and the fanbase might not like it, Norris expressed his thoughts on drivers in NASCAR and even IndyCar.

“I have a massive amount of respect for these drivers. I actually do enjoy watching NASCAR and maybe some people will hate me for saying that.”

Lando Norris

It is healthy for the big Motorsports in the world to have mutual respect for each other as it can promote growth and opportunities for drivers like Norris.

Norris would not be the first Formula 1 driver with an interest in trying out NASCAR. Juan Pablo Montoya won races in Formula 1 before moving over to NASCAR on a full-time basis.

Even Kimi Räikkönen made some select starts in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and Truck Series. Plus, Norris’ teammate Daniel Ricciardo loves NASCAR and even drove Dale Earnhardt, Sr.’s car in 2021 at Circuit of the Americas.

In fact, if a McLaren Formula 1 driver would be interested in NASCAR, you would think Ricciardo would be that driver. Maybe, McLaren’s ties to America have the young superstar intrigued.

Overall, it certainly seems like Norris has an interest, but who could give him this opportunity?

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Trackhouse Racing could give Lando Norris an opportunity

Trackhouse Racing could present the best opportunity for Lando Norris to try out NASCAR. Team owner Justin Marks revealed his plans to open the No. 91 car which is for international drivers.

Marks influenced Kimi Räikkönen to drive the No. 91 car and he will do just that in the NASCAR Cup Series race at Watkins Glen. Maybe, Norris might only test, but could they give him an opportunity to race?

It might be a scheduling conflict but there’s certainly a possibility during the summer break for Formula 1. If not, they could always throw Norris in for a test somewhere and let him have an opportunity.

The 22-year-old driver is focusing on his Formula 1 career but if there was a possibility that he could test the waters with NASCAR, it seems perfectly reasonable that it could happen.

While it will never be a true priority for Norris, it never hurts for drivers outside of NASCAR to express their desire to race in the sport. It only brings more attention and maybe, it will help its future.

As for now, we’ll see if it goes anywhere but it seems like something that will take a lot of planning, preparation, and perfect circumstances.

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