Earl Thomas explains why he missed practice, and why he’ll do it again

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have quite a bit of drama going on as it concerns All-Pro safety Earl Thomas, who missed practice for “personal” reasons twice last week.

After hauling in two interceptions on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, helping to secure a much-needed win, Thomas explained why he did not attend, and why it’s almost certainly going to happen again in the future.

The interesting part here is that he acknowledged he’s going to get fined for this behavior, which is something that was reported as a possibility before Sunday’s game. It’s interesting because he’s upset that the Seahawks haven’t caved to his demands for a contract extension, which has everything to do with financial security.

At this point, the Seahawks just have to decide if they’d rather put up with this drama all year long, or if it’s more beneficial to simply find a trade partner and move on.