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Cleveland Browns have offered to eat large portion of Baker Mayfield’s salary in trade

Andrew Buller-Russ

The Cleveland Browns have a new starting quarterback for the 2022 season, and even though they don’t know his playing status just yet, they’re looking to move on from their ex-quarterback. But the problem is, no one wants to take on Baker Mayfield, or not at his current cost.

That could be changing soon, according to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, who notes the Browns have recently had a change of heart, by being willing to take on a larger portion of Mayfield’s salary in a potential trade.

Could the Browns be close to a Mayfield trade?

With teams beginning OTAs around the NFL, there’s likely to be a stronger push of finalizing contract situations, establishing keepers and potential castoffs as coaches learn more about their rosters.

For those franchises who aren’t sold on their starting quarterbacks just yet, acquiring a player such as Baker Mayfield could become more attractive with each practice that passes.

The earlier a team can get a QB into their locker room where he can begin developing chemistry both with players and coaches while learning the playbook, the better chance they will find immediate success.

For Cleveland, they couldn’t care less when a trade is completed, they’re not the ones looking to add a player, they just want to shed his salary at this point.

  • Baker Mayfield salary: $18.8 million

It’s the other teams who are feeling more and more pressure by the day.

Previously it had been reported that the Browns were asking too much when looking to trade Mayfield. Other reports suggested their unwillingness to take on any of his fully guaranteed salary was the biggest roadblock preventing a trade.

Now, that may no longer be the case, and if the Browns want to get anything in return, they’d be wise to back down from their stubborn stance, by willing to cover some of the costs.

Every team wants to head into the year with the hope they can compete for the Super Bowl. That’s simply not the reality in some NFL cities, yet by adding a former No. 1 overall pick at QB, they could provide a boost of inspiration to their current atmosphere.

Are the Dallas Cowboys the greatest NFL franchise of all-time?

The longer an incompetent quarterback is touted as the starter, the quicker they run the risk of losing the locker room, even in the beginning stages.

This is where Mayfield can help. Even if teams no longer believe in his ability to become a top-10 QB, there may still be some untapped potential in Mayfield’s makeup. Some team is going to take that chance later this offseason.

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