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Brandon Aiyuk believes 49ers have a ‘special quarterback’ with Trey Lance

The San Francisco 49ers, by all appearances, are set to throw their full support behind Trey Lance as their starting quarterback to begin the 2022 football year. Which, after trading three first round picks for the right to move up and select Lance third overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, it only makes sense that the organization wants to see what they have in their potential franchise quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo be damned.

Even though no one truly knows what’s in store for the uber-talented Lance, who possesses a tantalizing dual-threat skillset, one current pass-catching teammate on the 49ers seems to be a big believer in the second-year QB out of North Dakota State University.

Fellow 49ers first-round pick is all-in on Trey Lance

With the 49ers rolling with Jimmy G last season, despite Lance being a top-five pick, he didn’t see much playing time. But he did make it into six games for the team last season.

  • Trey Lance stats as a rookie: 41/71, 603 yards, 5 TD, 2 INT

After such a small sample size, it’s tough to project just how well Lance will do in his second year learning coach Kyle Shanahan’s system, but one of his pass-catchers appears to be impressed with what Lance can offer as a QB.

The 49ers’ first round pick from the 2020 NFL Draft, wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk was recently asked what he’s seen from Lance, and he offered a glowing review of the 22-year-old QB.

“I’ve seen a whole lot from him, especially since we’ve started this offseason program, how much he’s grown, just seeing him throw the football, leading the locker room, connecting with guys. Yeah, we have a special quarterback.”

Brandon Aiyuk on Trey Lance

Lance truly does possess one of the more exciting skillsets from the QB position in football. It’s all about how well, and how quickly he can put it all together. With a strong arm and game-breaking athleticism, the 49ers could either be adding one of their best weapons yet to an already strong offense, or they could be wrecking an already solid cohesive unit. We’ll find out more this fall, but at least some of Lance’s teammates are excited to get started, with or without Garoppolo.

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