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Andrew Wiggins ‘would love to stay’ with Warriors long-term

Andrew Buller-Russ

The Golden State Warriors successfully put together yet another championship team, and Andrew Wiggins played a major role. Yet, like many other rosters featuring so many stars, the organization may not be able to keep all its talent together.

As one of the players who may not be long for the Bay Area, All-Star forward Andrew Wiggins was a frequent conversation piece throughout the playoffs. Not long after the Warriors held up the NBA Championship trophy, could the organization break up their core?

Wiggins is currently under contract through the 2022-23 NBA season, which means it’s time to negotiate a contract extension. Getting a deal done would be beneficial for Wiggins, giving him long-term financial security, while also giving him a stronger idea of where he and his family will likely be settling in for the next few years. But there’s no guarantee the Warriors are ready to begin negotiations, which could set up an interesting summer.

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Andrew Wiggins doesn’t want to leave Golden State

Andrew Wiggins was a solid player when he was with the Minnesota Timberwolves, but ever since he joined the Warriors, he’s become a great player. Wiggins has increased his desire to rebound, has become a more consistent defender, and continues to be a good shooter who can score from all three levels.

Many questioned the deal at the time of the trade, but it’s clear, the Warriors had a vision when acquiring Wiggins. Now, three years later, Wiggins isn’t ready to ditch the team who believed in his ability when others were skeptical.

There’s no reason why Wiggins should want to bail on the Warriors. Aside from one playoff series in 2018, he never experienced winning basketball until joining Curry and crew.

The Warriors have given him a strong foundation to work in, have supported him every step of the way, working to develop strong habits and they’ve worked wonders for Wiggins. It’s completely understandable to see why he wouldn’t want to leave the first chance he gets.

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Golden State Warriors are tight against the cap

For the Warriors, who already have Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on max-level contracts, committing to Wiggins for another few years only furthers their plunge far exceeding the current salary cap.

The Warriors’ player salaries amounted to $178 million in 2021-22, far past the cap limit of $112 million. They already have $171 million committed to next season’s payroll as well, with just eight players under contract.

As the Warriors battle increasing player costs, one could argue that Wiggins is an expendable piece of their current core. Curry and Thompson aren’t going anywhere, but Wiggins? It’s possible. With Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga likely to see increased roles next season, the team parting with Wiggins when his value is at his peak could help set the team up for an even brighter future.

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