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Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell discussing a boxing showdown

Andrew Buller-Russ

If you’re an NFL fan, the names Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell need no introduction. These were two of football’s best running backs in their heyday. While Peterson may be held in higher regard thanks to his on-field performances, having gained nearly 15,000 rushing yards, while Bell amassed just over 6,500, both players made multiple All-Pro teams, meaning there’s no questioning their impact.

Yet, at 37 years old for Peterson, and 30 years old for Bell, despite each having a team last season, neither players’ phones are ringing off the hook in NFL free agency in 2022. This could lead to the former NFL stars trying a different level of competition, one that also includes taking hits, but just not on the football gridiron.

Adrian Peterson vs Le’Veon Bell presents attractive matchup

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According to TMZ Sports, a potential boxing match between Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell is being discussed, and it could happen as soon as next month at the Crypto.com Arena, located in Los Angeles. They have both already signed contracts, giving this report actual legs.

  • Adrian Peterson’s size: Listed at 6-foot-1, 220 lbs
  • Le’Veon Bell’s size: Listed at 6-foot-1, 225 lbs

As you can tell, both players actually match up really well, on paper.

In his day, there was no one play played a more physical style of football than Adrian Peterson, offensively. He’d consistently put defenders on the receiving end of some brutal hits, as he smashed through every level of the defense.

Meanwhile, Bell did his damage by being patient, using excellent footwork to wait for his opportunities. But as you can see, he’s still a physically-imposing player.

How much either of these skills translates to the boxing ring remains to be seen. Though we have seen several other former NFL greats enter the ring in recent time, with Frank Gore being among the most notable.

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