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Aaron Rodgers barks back at critics’ ‘misinformation’


Aaron Rodgers says he remains dedicated to the Packers. And is challenging those who believe otherwise.

Rodgers said he expected and deserved backlash for his Week 1 performance, when he threw a pair of interceptions in a span of three pass attempts as Green Bay was blasted by the New Orleans Saints, 38-3.

On Wednesday, Rodgers doubled down on comments he made following the Packers win on Monday Night Football. He said opinions holding him as “not caring” or being uncommitted to the team prompted him to respond.

“I strongly believe in everybody’s ability to have an opinion and I respect the fact that they have an opinion,” Rodgers said. “My issue is, the platform given to individuals who only desire to say inflammatory things that aren’t based in fact.

“Personally, I think I would be a little sensitive to people questioning my commitment to this team. I said it from the start: If I wasn’t 100 percent committed to my squad or my team, I wouldn’t have come back. Maybe people thought that was some sort of cliche line. … It was the truth.

“Now, whether or not you understand my attitude or my off-the-field interests in meditation or a more-focused or centered lifestyle, that’s fine. Not everybody is going to understand that or relate to that or get that.”

Rogers, who threw for four touchdowns with no interceptions in a 35-17 victory over Detroit in Week 2, said he enjoys having the opportunity to correct “misinformation.”

The Packers (1-1) visit the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

–Field Level Media