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Aaron Judge set to meet with San Francisco Giants during MLB free agency

Andrew Buller-Russ

MLB free agency is underway, and although we’ve yet to hear of a blockbuster free agent signing, several players have agreed on the dotted line. But the biggest name everyone is tracking is the status of the reigning AL MVP, New York Yankees superstar Aaron Judge.

While the Yankees certainly have the dough to hand Judge a blank check, they’ve had the ability to do that for years now. It hasn’t happened. Now, Judge is a free agent and able to negotiate with the other 29 MLB ballclubs as well.

Other teams who have been legitimately linked to signing Judge include the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. Yet, to our knowledge, Judge has not yet sat down or begun any type of contract negotiations with any other teams than the various talks with the Yankees to this point.

Contract discussions with other teams could soon get underway. It appears, according to Jon Morosi of MLB Network, the Giants will get the first crack at a face-to-face meeting with the monstrous slugger.

Judge is set to meet with the top brass in San Francisco later this week. It’s unknown just how serious contract discussions could get and how rapidly they could progress.

Several teams are likely hoping to get a chance at a sitdown with the four-time All-Star in MLB free agency, but the Giants getting first dibs has to be seen as a major positive for their fanbase.

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San Francisco Giants have a real chance at signing Aaron Judge

While in many cases, whoever offers the largest amount ends up winning the sweepstakes, the Giants have another major factor working in their favor.

Judge was born in Sacramento, California, and it’s no secret that he grew up rooting for the Giants baseball team. After being drafted by the New York Yankees in the first round back in 2013, Judge has never had a chance to ‘choose’ which team he plays for. Until now.

It’s unknown exactly what he’s prioritizing in free agency. Whether it’s the ability to win his first World Series, make the most money, or play close to home for his favorite team remains to be seen. While it may be hard to turn down the opportunity to continue playing in pinstripes in the Big Apple, the Giants may have what it takes to make an offer he cannot refuse.

  • Aaron Judge stats (2022): .311/.425/.686/1.111 OPS, 62 home runs, 131 RBI

If so, they’ll be getting a transformational talent that should be able to help improve what was a .500 effort a season ago.

In other words, the Giants shouldn’t hesitate to hand Judge a blank check, paying whatever it costs to make this dream come true. Not only for their fanbase as a whole but also for one former young fan, who grew up to be a legendary player, only he’s been playing for the wrong side. Now is their chance to correct that mistake.

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