As it stands, free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed. Meanwhile, multiple other quarterbacks have been signed since free agency officially began on March 9.

This has particularly caught the attention of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith, who worked with Kaepernick for the previous two seasons in San Francisco. Things are definitely not adding up as to why Kap is team-less, at least according to Smith.

Smith even went on to suggest that Kaepernick’s skills are far superior to many of the other quarterbacks who signed with new teams.

Many might agree. Kaepernick has completed an average of 59.8 percent of his passes since entering the league in 2011. He also sports a 72-to-30 touchdown-to-interception ratio. These numbers do not exactly reek of incompetency.

Last season in particular, Kaepernick threw only four interceptions in 331 passes attempted while passing for 16 touchdowns. This took place over the course of 11 starts.

The talent is there, including some of the best athleticism at the position in the league. But as Smith points out, teams would rather take flyers on veterans like Josh McCown and Brian Hoyer who have played for multiple teams and don’t have the best of health records. Hoyer at this time replaces Kaepernick as the intended starter for the 49ers.

For now, teams in need appear to be very obviously bypassing Kaepernick, even as a backup. This has been made crystal clear considering the New York Giants are signing on Geno Smith and the Oakland Raiders just brought in E.J. Manuel.

The situation is what it is. Kaepernick’s protests of the National Anthem seem to be lion’s den that no teams in need have any desire to enter.

Will any team eventually crack and give Kap a chance? We really don’t know.