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Two NFL teams reached out to Rob Gronkowski after his ‘bored’ tweet

Rob Gronkowski

Retired NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski created a bit of a stir on Wednesday when he tweeted just three words. Specifically, the future Hall of Famer said, “I’m kinda bored.”

Naturally, this sparked a lot of speculation as we’re now approaching the NFL playoffs, and Gronk isn’t exactly one who enjoys training camps or practicing all-season long. Join the club, right?

Still, any time a player such as Gronkowski, a five-time Pro Bowl tight end, even hints at the idea that he may come out of retirement, it causes a frenzy. Apparently, that even includes NFL front offices.

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Rob Gronkowski’s tweet made NFL teams spring into action

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According to Gronkowski himself, who made an appearance on Kay Adams’ “Up and Adams” podcast, two NFL teams actually reached out to gauge the 33-year-old’s interest in joining their roster.

Considering the four-time Super Bowl champ just sent the tweet on Wednesday, and by Thursday morning, he had already found two suitors interested in his services, well, the NFL acts fast.

While we all want to know the specifics of which teams sent out a feeler, the 11-year NFL pro declined to state who those franchises were.

“Two teams reached out. It was unbelievable. I won’t say who, but yes, there was two teams… ‘I’m kinda bored:’ People just took that as I was coming back to football right away. It was just mind blowing actually, how my agent hit me up, two teams hit me up. It was just crazy.”

Retired former NFL pro Rob Gronkowski on his antics on social media

Unfortunately, for those holding out hope for an NFL comeback from Gronk, it won’t be happening this season. Like most of his antics, this one turned out to be a playful joke. He knew it would lead to rumors, but he didn’t let the gag live on for long.

He did go on to note that his player agent, Drew Rosenhaus, was ready to reach out to all 32 NFL teams, hoping his client was serious about a comeback. As hard as Adams tried, Gronk refused to comment or admit that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots were one of those two organizations.

Instead, Gronk, as expected, continued to have some fun, suggesting he and Belichick planned to get together for a playdate with their dogs.

“Yeah, we talked about our Christmas plans, what he’s doing with his dog Nike. His dog wants to meet my dog Ralphie. He wanted to build some snowmen, put the carrot on as a nose, all that good stuff.”

Gronk, continued

Yeah, sure, Belichick wanted to build some snowmen with Gronkowski smack dab in the middle of the football season when the Patriots are trying to secure a playoff spot. Nice try, bud.

However, that would make for a great NFL Films production. Maybe when Belichick decides to hang up his hoodie and step away from coaching, we’ll get our wish.

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